December 14, 2017

here's a quick shot of Moon Blood 'Violent Acts' EP

here's a quick shot of Moon Blood 'Violent Acts' EP

Hey! Sorry for the lack of updates, life has been pretty busy as of late, and updating this site had to take a backseat for a minute. I promise there will be no more one month lapses. My bad! 

With that, a lot has happened in the past month. The Dark Black 7” is officially out! All of the pre-orders have been shipped. If you didn’t get a chance to see them at their record release show/Running In Place Records showcase on December 9th at 11th Street Records, you really missed a good one. Brett Vee, Moon Blood, and Oversight also played, and it felt like an official welcoming party for the label. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported! Special thanks to Dillon of Dark Black for setting it up, and 11th Street Records for hosting it all! 

The Moon Blood ‘Violent Acts’ EP is in our hands, and we’ll be taking pre-orders soon for a cool package deal we’ll be offering. There’s not an official release date as of yet, but there is a record release show planned for mid January. As soon as everything is panned out, we’ll let you know. 

Oversight test presses have been approved, and will hopefully be here in the early weeks of January, and once we get those in our hands, I’ll let you all know about what they want to do with pre-orders and when their record release show will be! 

Brett Vee, the human, runs the cassette only NoSky Records. He’s just release tapes of the homebodys and the last recordings of the now defunct Good Grief. Go here and check that stuff out! 




the Dark Black 7"s came in yesterday! As you can see above, there's plenty of variations. I opened each box to see how different they were, and was surprised to see 6 different variations in the first box! Of the 400 'random' color vinyl, about 25% of them are purple/red/pink marble, and another 25% vary from a dark green to bright turquoise marble. The 50% remaining vary from yellow, blue to brown. I tried to get a definite count on different variations, but it ain't gonna happen, sorry!

Anyhow, if you're interested in pre-ordering a random color, click here . We also still have plenty of black vinyl/pocket -T combo packs available here. We are taking pre-orders for both until midnight, 11/19 and will be shipping them out no later than 11/22. 


Today we begin taking pre-orders for the Dark Black 7" that will be out officially during Thanksgiving Weekend. We're doing a fun 7"+Pocket T-Shirt deal for $18 (in which you'll have first dibs on the limited to 100 Black vinyl) , or you can just pre-order the 7" itself (which will be a one of 400 on 'random color' vinyl) for $6. The shirts will be printed to order, so the only way you can get one is by preordering now! You can click on the text under the image, up in the 'store' section of the top header, or here! Thanks! 

We will also be uploading the songs on Spotify/Itunes/Bandcamp/etc. here soon, so be on the look out!




Sorry for the month long lag in updates. October was pretty rough for the city of Las Vegas, and I decided that the website could take a backseat while we all wrapped our heads around what is much more important. 




 Moon Blood

‘Violent Acts’, the 5 song 7” EP from Moon Blood is now streaming digitally and available for download via the bands bandcamp page, Spotify, iTunes, and just about everywhere else. The test presses were approved last week, and this sounds so fucking amazing on vinyl.

Moon Blood play pissed off hardcore with lyrics that stare the illusions of power right in its face.

Once we get the go ahead on when the record is pressed and shipping we’ll have info on pre-orders. As for now, PLAY LOUD on your headphones! 



Dark Black 

‘New Lows/My Window’ 7” single is currently being pressed and will be shipping to us sometime next week or so. Stay tuned for info on a 7”/pocket T-Shirt pre order combo in the next few days, as well as info on when the record will be available for streaming and download.

Deep, moody, heavy, dark, yet melodic. Post-everything. Hints of the Cure, Total Control, Hot Snakes with a heavy Creation Records vibe going on. While you wait, you can check out some older jams here.



All of the artwork and music has been sent off to the pressing plant, and while we wait, here’s the title track to rock out to.

‘Transparency’ is four tracks of heavy late 80’s/early 90’s NYHC influenced hardcore. For fans of Outburst, Madball, and ‘The Way It Is’ comp. I’m very happy with the way this turned out, and can’t wait to share it!


Brett Vee 


‘Derivative Nation’ is out now, available here through the webstore, 11th Street Records, Vegas Vinyl, and Record City on Charleston. Brett’s cassette label No Sky has it available (along with the rest of his discography) for streaming and download here



I promise weekly updates here on out. Sometimes life gets a little too heavy and hard to focus, and I really hope everyone reading this understands that. Also, hold on to your friends. Please! 




Brett Vee - Derivative Nation is officially out now. You can check it out digitally on Spotify, and Apple Music. It's currently available in Vegas at 11th Street Records, and will be getting dropped off at Record City on Charleston, and Vegas Vinyl. Brett Vee himself has cassette versions of all of his musical output, and more via his NoSky label. 

Up next are Moon Blood and Dark Black with the latter bands test presses already being approved. I'm expecting the Moon Blood tests in anytime now. The tentative dates for both are still the same as the prior post below, but if things change we will let you know. 

Oversight are currently finishing up the final touches on their EP, which should be out in early January if everything works out to plan. What we've heard here at RIP headquarters is impressive, and we can't wait until it's all ready to go!

Stay tuned for T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and more...

Be sure to check back often as updates will be happening all of the time. You can also follow on on Instagram and Facebook for all of your constant communication needs. 

Feel free to contact us HERE also!




Hello everyone, and welcome to the Running In Place Records site! It's a bit of a work in progress, but wander and poke around a bit to see what we're all about. Give or take a month or two, the Brett Vee 'Derivative Nation'  EP 7" will be out and available for purchase here on this site. Until then, there might be a few goodies put up in our online store (like cassettes and sticker packages), but that all really depends on if we can get our ducks in a row.

Below are the tentative release dates of the first four releases:

RIP-001 Brett Vee - 'Derivative Nation'  Sep./Oct. 2017

RIP-002 Moon Blood - 'Violent Acts' Nov./Dec. 2017

RIP-003 Dark Black - 'New Lows/My Window' Nov. 2017

RIP-004 Oversight - TBA


If you have any question/suggestions, please write us at, or go to our contact page above.