About Us


The idea of Running In Place Records stemmed from a desire to archive and promote local Las Vegas DIY bands who I feel need to be immortalized on vinyl format. This is a project intended to help spread awareness of the vibrant and diverse DIY music culture of this city, with any and all profits made going right back into the label for future projects/represses. The goal is to create a bigger buzz locally within each bands collective circles, and to promote outside of the city via distribution outposts worldwide. 

We're different, we’re punks, we're left leaning, we're introverted, we're queer, and we're against the grain of what Las Vegas is typically known for - and that is exactly what this label will represent. 

Thank you to Krystal Ramirez for web design, file formatting, organization, keeping me in check and so much more. Without her none of this would even exist.

Thanks to Brett Kasden for putting feelers out and helping contact bands. 

Thank you to Jay Retail for the right on band descriptions!

Lastly, thanks to Erik Hunter, who is responsible for the logo design. Find him everywhere

Below is how the label will operate:

- The initial pressing will be 500 copies of each record. The bands will receive 125 copies (25% of pressing) as payment, with option to buy more at production costs. For every future repress the band will receive 25% of the pressing. 100 copies of the first pressing will be sent out to Fanzines, podcasts, college/online radio stations and distributors for possible consideration/trades. The bands are encouraged to supply a list of places they would like the record sent for review/promotion. The remaining 275 copies of each pressing will be sold online by the label and sent out for distribution. Each record will come provided with a download code - and if you'd like to just download the record without physically owning it, the records will also be available for download on each bands individual website/streaming page. 

- As of now, it is up to the bands to provide the costs of recording. Do to the small start up budget for the label, I can only afford to to pay for the pressings of the vinyl and cover/layout art. This label is a collaborative project with each band, and the recordings are property of the band members - and they are free and welcome to use them however they see fit.  If things change with label growth, I will gladly rewrite these terms to also cover recording costs and how all of that complicated stuff will work out. 

- Nothing sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or any otherwise shitty attitudes towards marginalized peoples will be represented by this label. Does this even have to be said?

- Demo submissions are always accepted. Just keep in mind that this is a regionally focused record label. Physical forms of music (cassette/CD) are encouraged over digital format. For a mailing address, go to our contact us page and say hello!

-Bobby Franks 

 July/August, 2017