About Us


The idea of Running In Place Records stemmed from a desire to archive and promote local Las Vegas DIY bands who I feel need to be immortalized on vinyl format. This is a project intended to help spread awareness of the vibrant and diverse DIY music culture of this city, with any and all profits made going right back into the label for future projects/represses. The goal is to create a bigger buzz locally within each bands collective circles, and to promote outside of the city via distribution outposts worldwide. 

Below is how the label operates:

- Every release is treated as an individual project between the band and the label. There are no contracts, or promises beyond the initial amount of copies to be pressed. Typically, the band provides the recorded output, along with the artwork to be pressed - and receives 25% of each pressing as ‘payment’.

- Nothing sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or any otherwise shitty attitudes towards marginalized peoples will be represented by this label. Does this even have to be said?

- Demo submissions are always accepted. Just keep in mind that this is a regionally focused record label. Physical forms of music (cassette/CD) are encouraged over digital format. For a mailing address, go to our contact us page and say hello!

-Bobby Franks