Dark Black 'Dissolve' 12" EP

Dark Black 'Dissolve' 12" EP


RIP - 007 DARK BLACK ‘Dissolve’ EP Preorder. Due out in April. Item ships as soon as we get it (Mid March).

  1. Law Of Affect 2. Memory 3. Al Jerry 4. Forget It All 5. Time Lapse 6. Dissolve

    “Like the desert’s razor-sharp winter air, Las Vegas music scene veterans Dark Black have married the cold and light on their latest release. The 6-song EP features shimmering guitars splashed against a paranoid, racing panorama of classic post-punk, as well as shoegaze, goth, and even surf influences, resulting in a sound as familiar, yet singular, as the band’s notorious hometown.

    The anxious track-listing, penned by singer/guitarists Dillon Shines and Matthew Frantom, touches on social awarenesses, past relationships, philosophy and science-fiction, only to wrap up with the EP’s title track, the thunderous, synth-heavy, “Dissolve,” in which Shines simply declares: “When it’s all exposed/for lies or truth/there’s only one/thing left to do/we all dissolve/it all dissolves.”

    And perhaps everything does all dissolve – like winter into spring, like dark into light, or like Shines, Frantom, and drummer George Foskaris’s popular, crushing, post-hardcore group Caravels, which dissolved to make way for Dark Black’s formation in 2015. But as the five-piece band’s first fully-realized collection of songs, Dissolve – recorded at Las Vegas’s National Southwestern Recording (Guided by Voices, The Killers, Mark Ronson) – marks the beginning of something solid.  

    Dissolve is definitely going to be a starting point for what will be a more refined version of us,” Frantom said. “

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RIP - 007

Dark Black - ‘Dissolve’ 12” EP

6 new bangers in 24 minutes.

1 - Law Of Affect

2- Memory

3- Al Jerry

4- Forget It All

5- Time Lapse

6- Dissolve

Streaming is available now through Spotify, Itunes, etc.

First Press: 300 on black vinyl